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Dr. Maurice Levy is a Sports Injury Podiatrist


Almost all sports and athletic activities are hard on the feet because of movements, constricting footwear, and/or increased exposure to injury or trauma. Although anything can happen when it comes to sports related injuries to the foot/ankle below are some of the most common:


Common Sports Related Foot Injuries:


Running, walking , jogging, biking, etc.


Stress fractures, ligament tears .  Injuries commonly seen as a result of martial arts and kick boxing include plantar fasciitis or heel pain, Achilles tendonitis, sesamoiditis, and ankle sprains. Proper, regular stretching is recommended to help prevent sports injury.


Aerobics Injuries


Impact forces from aerobics can reach up to six times the force of gravity, which is transmitted to each of the 26 bones in the foot. That is why proper shoes are crucial to successful, injury-free aerobics. Shoes should provide sufficient cushioning to compensate for pressure on the foot.


Team Sports Injury


Activities from sports such as football, baseball, basketball, soccer, field hockey, and lacrosse etc. often lead to foot and ankle injuries as a result of play on artificial surfaces, improper footwear, and/or inadequate stretching.


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